Minister Murphy announces increased supports for rural water services.

Minister Murphy announces increased supports for rural water services.

Following successful completion of a review of GWS Operational Subsidy to ensure Equity and Fairness for the GWS sector towards the costs of supplying domestic water, and its subsequent unanimous approval by the NFGWS Board and endorsement at an NFGWS Special Delegate Conference held in Athlone on Wednesday, 13th December 2017, Minister Eoghan Murphy, TD today (15th December) announced details of revised subsidy arrangements.

The full text of the Ministers announcement can be viewed click here

The NFGWS also issued a press release in relation to the revised subsidy which can be viewed click here

So what does this mean :

Well simply put there is an expectation that group water schemes adjust the free water allowance so there members are treated equally to those on public schemes.  In reality the group water scheme is an non profit organisation but it needs to maintain sufficient funds to run the scheme and be capable of funding future developments within the scheme.  The board of the group water scheme will now have to review how to maximise the benifits to our members while still maintaining a sustainable cost structure.  Once the board finalises their decision we will inform our members.

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