Water Quality Concerns

In recent days various members have expressed concerns about a strong chlorine smell and taste in the water.

Glan Agua, the company that operates the scheme under contract, says that the cause of the problem is that the level of water in the well dropped low during the dry weather and when heavy rain fell last week, surface water got washed down into the ground water in the surrounding area and hence into the well. This raised the turbidity level of the water and the chlorine demand. It is this higher level of chlorine used that has left the taste.

Two samples of water (taken from members’ kitchen taps) were tested in the HSE laboratory on Monday 11th August. Both passed the bacteria test and the chemical analysis results will be available next week. All results will be posted on the website.

Glan Agua says that the water is fit for human consumption and that the chlorinator and ultra violet treatment system are both working satisfactorily. There is no boil notice in place.

The turbidity level at the well has improved but there is still a chlorine residue in the system. We will flush out the pipes in the coming days to endeavor to relieve the problem.

Bacteria test results 11th Aug 2014

Bacteria Test results 30th May to 1st August 2014

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Chemical Analysis Results.
There were three samples taken on the 11th August. . The treated water samples were taken from members kitchen taps. The raw water sample was taken from a sampling point in the treatment plant.
i.) Chemical Analysis Treated (Not softened) water 11 08 14 – The treated water (unsoftened) was in compliance with the drinking water limits.
ii) Chemical Analysis Treated (& softened) water 11 08 14 – The treated water (softened at the members house) was in compliance with the drinking water limits. Note the high level of Sodium present in the softened water.
iii) Chemical Analysis Raw Water 11 08 14 – The raw water sample exceeded the limits for iron and manganese and the turbidity level was also excessive.
The results are being forwarded to Ryan Hanley Engineers, Glan Agua and the scheme’s Hydrogolist at Hydro G.
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