Water Quality

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1. Select Private group (non exempted) water schemes

2. Select “Select Scheme”

3. Select Kiltiernan Group water scheme co-operative Society

4. Select the data you wish to review

5. The report data can be downloaded

Publications & Reports are also available by selecting in the “Publications & Reports” in the <Selection – Rogha> section

Sample Report:




Explanation of the curent water status

The quality of the water distributed throughout our scheme is of paramount importance to us and is not something that is left to chance. A highly sophisticated processing plant continuously monitors the water quality extracted from the ground and ensures that the water leaving the treatment plant is of a standard fit for human consumption and in compliance with the various water standards and regulations that we are required to adhere to.
Once the water leaves the treatment plant we continue to monitor the water quality to ensure the quality of the water has not been compromised. This is achieved through regular chlorine residual testing.  We scour the pipe line regularly to keep it clean and in addition to this chemical and bacterial analysis tests are taken by us and the Galway County Council and tested independently.

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