Avoid water loss this winter – prepare now for freezing conditions.

Kiltiernan Water Scheme Co Op Society Ltd telephone 086 0203012  ζ  e-mail Dear Member, Despite the best efforts of your Group Water Scheme many householders and farmers were seriously inconvenienced over the past winters as water pipes and tanks froze solid and there were leaks and burst pipes in attics and farmyards. Before the freeze starts put in …

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Water Sector Reform

National Federation of Group Water Schemes Co-operative Society Ltd. 24 Old Cross Square, Monaghan Tel: 047 72766 Fax: 047 72788 Website: PRESS RELEASE Reassurance for group water scheme boards and members “there is no fear of an Irish Water takeover, but issues for publicly sourced schemes remain to be clarified” At a recent Board Meeting …

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Monitor you water usage

Apr, 21, 2014 Enda Horrigan Water Usage 0

It is highly recommended that you regularly monitor your water usage reading on your meter. This will be your first indication if you have a leak. Water leaks can be extremely expensive and are to be avoided or at least detected as early as posisable. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy …

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Minister Murphy announces increased supports for rural water services.

Jan, 13, 2018 admin Water Quality Update 0

Minister Murphy announces increased supports for rural water services. Following successful completion of a review of GWS Operational Subsidy to ensure Equity and Fairness for the GWS sector towards the costs of supplying domestic water, and its subsequent unanimous approval by the NFGWS Board and endorsement at an NFGWS Special Delegate Conference held in Athlone …

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May, 11, 2016 admin General Notice 0

The M18 Gort to Tuam Motorway route is intersecting the Kiltiernan Group Water schemes pipe network in a number of locations. Part of the motorway construction requires that new sections of pipe-work are laid to ensure future acceptability for repair and maintenance. The Kiltiernan Group Water Scheme will endeavour to keep all our members informed of any …

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Water Samples pass both Bacterial and Chemical Tests

Aug, 24, 2015 admin Water Quality Update 0

All Results are back on the water samples submitted and all have passed. Please find attached the result of the: Chemical analysis of the water sample taken from house at Castletaylor on the 11th August. Bacteria sample taken at the same time. Raw water sample was taken at the treatment plant on the 13th August. …

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Water Quality concerns

In recent days members have expressed concerns about a strong chlorine smell and taste in the water. Glan Agua, the company that treats the water under contract, says that due to the heavy rain that fell last week surface water and sediment got washed down into the ground water in the surrounding area and hence …

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Motorway and our Scheme

Feb, 14, 2015 admin Water Quality Update 1

Initial work has started on the motorway between Gort and Galway. The Motorway will cut through our scheme at three points. The board of directors are currently in discussions with the project manager and if you have any concerns or queries or questions please let us know.

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Water Quality Concerns

In recent days various members have expressed concerns about a strong chlorine smell and taste in the water. Glan Agua, the company that operates the scheme under contract, says that the cause of the problem is that the level of water in the well dropped low during the dry weather and when heavy rain fell …

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2014 Anual General Meeting

The anual general meeting for the Kiltiernan Group water scheme co operative society limited is scheduled for Thursday 15th June 2014 at 8PM in Bradleys Lounge Bar, Labane, Ardrahan. The National Federation of Group water Schemes will also attend and speak briefly on what impact Irish water will have on group water schemes so I urge all …

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