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This is the main site for our shareholders

Learn a little about your scheme, About the role of the board of directors and how you can contribute.

Keep up to date on the water quality status or simply find out the location where your nearest fire hydrant is located.

Keep informed with news events such as water outages and scheduled maintance.

View pictures of your treatment facility and of the open day

This is a restricted access area and is intended as a repositary and knowledge base for board members and scheme manager, Combining a little education and fun. Here you can learn about the water cycle, water concervation and where your water comes from.

We also have a small number of colouring pages courtsey of crayola that can be printed out and coloured.

There are some drawing tips courtsey of You Tube.

This discussion forum is not a subsitute for how issues are curently addressed. If you have complaints or concerns then simply call us and we will do our best to address your concerns. If this is not suficient, all scheme members and shareholders are free to have a face to face meeting with the scheme manager, Director or present your case directly to the board of management.

This forum is intended as a means of extending the scope by which we listen to our customers voice. You will have to register and this can be done online or give us a call and we will do it for you.

I apologise for any inconvienance this may cause but due to the volume of spam contributors it was necessary.