The treated water quality leaving the plant continues to be of a very high quality. The chlorine demand is quite low at the minute and both treated turbidity and treated colour remain well below the permissible limits. The UV intensity is in excess of 50 w/m2 and this is comfortably above the alarm limit on the UV. As you know last weekend the raw water quality caused us issues, however a key element to Glan Agua’s approach now is to run the plant for shorter and more frequent times. In periods of poor raw water quality it takes a number of hours run time before we see the poorer quality water entering into the plant which is seen with a drop in UV intensity and chlorine.

Therefore, in periods of poor quality Glan Agua now runs the plant for shorter, more frequent periods and this appears to have been very successful to date.

We have attached below the trend of the most recent treated water quality from the plant and as you can see the quality has been very good.The raw water has improved throughout the week and Glan Agua are now running the plant as normal again.